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We are completely transparent and believe letting you know up front what type of investment(s) may be required to grow your concept / business.

Ask about our 100% end-to-end business startup execution service! We will form, build, develop, and ultimately fully launch your business for you. Contact us today for information.

Entrepreneurship 101 Training (4 Weeks; 8 Sessions)

Entrepreneurship 101 Training (4 Weeks; 8 Sessions)


Attend the intensive nDemand Consulting eight-session entrepreneurship training to gain a firm grip of the specific steps and actions needed to start your business! Course will be administered by the nDemand Consulting owners and authors of the book "Confessions: The Truth About Perfect Timing", which provides a candid recollection of how they (i.e., the owners) left corporate space to pursue entrepreneurship. By the end of the course, you will have: formed your business legal entity, written your business plan, developed your complete marketing strategy, and outlined your investment needs with a concise investor pitch. Also included will be a copy of the owners' book. 

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